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10 Easy Ideas for Content for your Christmas Campaign to Parents

Now is the time to be preparing Christmas content. What July?! Yes, especially for the search engines which can have up to a 6 month lag in picking up your content as relevant. But also it means you have that content done and dusted and ready to pull out of the bag as you near December! Here are 10 Easy Ideas for Content for your Christmas Campaign to Parents to get your creative juices flowing!

#1. Unusual Christmas Recipes

There are thousands of Christmas recipes so pick an unusual angle like X Delicious Non-alcoholic Drinks for kids/designated drivers/pregnant mums to enjoy or 5 New Ways to Cook Sprouts.

#2. Quick Tips/Hacks

Anything that helps parents save time in the run up to Christmas will go down well. Put together some tips for saving time and getting organised quickly, or have a search on Pinterest for Christmas hacks and write up a roundup of the best ones you find.

#3. Gifts to Make

It’s nice to get kids making things at Christmas so put together one or more ideas for gifts that you can make with your child. Reindeer food recipes are great, homemade baking ideas and how about something special to leave out for Santa Claus?

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#4. Christmas Colouring Page/Puzzle Sheet

Parents are busy busy at Christmas and if you can create a Christmas colouring page or puzzle sheet that they can print off and give to their child to keep them busy for a while, they’ll appreciate it!

#5. Christmas Quotes

Everybody loves the inspirational quotes so find a nice Christmas quote (Buddy The Elf has a few!) and make up a new visual content piece with your branding to share.

buddy the elf quote

#6. Christmas Decoration Ideas

If you’re crafty then create a fun new project for people to try with their kids. People also love ideas for decorating their home, e.g wreaths or themes for the Christmas dinner table or for their tree decorating.

If you’re not crafty or creative, then head to Pinterest and find some cool examples to curate into a blog post to share nearer the time.

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#7. Christmas Movies

Parents love Christmas movies and they love watching them with the family so compile a list of your x favourite Christmas movies and brand it on a graphic to share.

#8. Christmas Funnies

Use Postplanner or take a look on Pinterest for funnies to share in the run up to Christmas, especially around the topoic of Christmas Eve. Or create your own quick series on with a little humour about the whole process of getting organised for Christmas.

#9. How to video

Create a how to video showing how to make an easy Christmas punch, or a Christmas breakfast idea, or decorate Christmas cookies, anything that gives a tip and hint to help make life easier will be shared.

#10. Family Games to play over Christmas break

Compile a list of fun family games to plan over the Christmas holidays and share this on a blog post or cute graphic.

Over to you now. When do you start planning your content for your Christmas campaign? Tell us in the comments below.

2 Responses to 10 Easy Ideas for Content for your Christmas Campaign to Parents

  1. Susan Connolly 20th June 2017 at 11:20 am #

    Hi, Jill I’m sitting here in front of my computer on one of the hottest days of the Irish summer and Christmas is the furthest thing from my mind, so thank for this gentle reminder. Great ideas as always.
    Interesting that the search engines need six months to rank a post. Better get my thinking cap on.


    • Jill Holtz 20th June 2017 at 2:01 pm #

      Thanks Susan, yes you need to allow at least 6 months so now is the time to get your Christmas stockings up 🙂

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