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10 Tried and Tested Ways to Get Good Facebook Engagement From Parents

While it’s true that Facebook as a social media channel has moved to pay-to-play, you can still engage people on Facebook. After all you see your own network of friends sharing things and liking and commenting. Here are 10 tried and tested ways to get good Facebook engagement from parents based on my experience of running the Mykidstime Facebook page.

Facebook poll example with gifs

Engagement by itself shouldn’t be a core objective for being on Facebook but if you don’t get people to engage with your content then you may not achieve the objectives you do have (e.g. traffic to your websites, signups for your lead magnet etc).

It isn’t easy nowadays on social media to get people’s attention. But with some carefully chosen tactics you can still get Facebook to work for you to engage parents. And engaging them with one post increases the likelihood of other posts being seen too. So while engagement alone shouldn’t be your only reason for being on Facebook, having an engaged community will help your Facebook activity deliver results for your business.

Here are some things that work to engage parents

#1. Share funny stuff

Parenting is a tough job and things that make parents smile but at the same time go Yes! That’s me! work very well and tend to get a lot of likes and shares. We share funnies and memes all the time on Mykidstime and they do very well for engagement.

#2. The emotional stuff

Parenting is just an emotional journey from start to (never) end. You feel all these emotions about this tiny bundle you bring home from the hospital. You feel another set of emotions when when your teen gets ready to leave home.

Tap into the emotional stuff and parents will engage with that.

facebook example of emotional content

#3. Give them something useful to share

People like to share content that helps other people. So if you can create or curate content that saves them time or solves a problem and is useful to them, they are likely to share it.

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#4. Ask them questions

People like to answer questions. We run a quick poll every night on our Facebook page. It could be something random like do you prefer tea or coffee? or how old was your child when they first went on a sleepover. And with the new Poll feature offering gif answers it’s even easier to engage people.

Facebook poll example with gifs

Or you could ask them which packaging or product do you prefer.

Or ask them to help you if you are creating content. So e.g. we are writing an article on x what’s your best tip?

#5. Run a competition

Yes competitions work, people like to win prizes. Just make sure they do something for your business so that you really win from giving away the prize.

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#6. Share a story

People love stories. Tell them a story about a customer. Tell them the story behind a product. Tell them a story about a staff member. These little stories are touching or interesting and people do engage with them.

#7. Make them curious

People are inherently nosy. Can you tap into this? Maybe it’s a behind the scenes peek at where you work or create products. Our annual Show Us Your Christmas Tree competition is always popular because people like to be nosy at other people’s trees!

#8. Fill in the blanks

Ask people to fill in the blank. The last fruit I ate was _____. My child’s middle name is ____. You can come up with tons of these on different topics to get people commenting.

#9. Use giphys

Giphys are a great way of getting people to engage. Ask people to tell you things using only a GIF. Here’s an example of one we created for Mykidstime:

giphy example for facebook engagement

#10. Nostalgia

People love to see things that were around in their childhood. Curate or create pictures of fun things that you used to have or love, and share them on your Facebook page.

I hope these 10 simple ideas have inspired you for your next set of Facebook posts. I guarantee if you use these consistently you will build the engagement amongst your fans.

Over to you now. What has worked for you for facebook engagement for parents? Tell us in the comments below. 

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