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10 Useful Ways to Get Content Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Stuck for new ideas for content for your business? Need some inspiration to help you come up with new ideas for content for your website or social media? Here are 10 useful ways to get content marketing ideas for your business

content marketing ideas

#1. Ask Your Customers

Ask your customers regularly what content they would find helpful. You can do this as a quick question at the end of an email you send out, or as an online survey, or a response card if you have a physical location entered into a draw.

#2. Use Your FAQs

Use the questions that prospects and customers regularly ask you about your products or services. These can make great content pieces either Question Answer style blog posts or to create Ultimate Guides to the topic or for video content where you answer the question.

Tip: make a document that you can store these in as they come in to turn into content later

#3. Explore Seasonal Opportunities

content marketing ideas

There are lots of seasonal opportunities for content, on Mykidstime we have created summer beach checklists, Halloween Bingo, Elf on the Shelf ideas, etc. all geared to help parents.

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#4. Check Out Social Media

Social media is a huge source of ideas for me for both Mykidstime and Digital4Sales. I keep an eye out on good examples that I see then think “how can I use these for our business?”. This could be infographics or images or videos or blog posts.

I’m not saying copy but think how you can use the idea for your own brand or business to make something helpful or interesting for your prospects and customers.

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#5. Play with Pinterest

I’ve already mentioned social media but one stand out source of ideas is Pinterest. If I’m writing on a particular topic for Mykidstime, I always go search on Pinterest to see what amazing and interesting things I can find for inspiration.

#6. Peek at Other Businesses

Have a look at what other businesses do for their content. I think it’s good to look at businesses in other sectors as you can get some good ideas that you can apply to your own. Facebook business pages let you set up a few pages under your Watch other pages while Twitter lists are handy for watching what other businesses are doing.

#7. Follow Some Experts

There are some great people out there researching and writing about content marketing. If you haven’t checked out Amanda Webb from Spiderworking’s blog we would recommend it. Jay Baer and Ann Handley are other good experts that share lots of good content marketing tips.

#8. Brainstorm With Your Employees

Hold a brainstorming session with the people involved with your business because they could have some good ideas for content to create. If you’re a sole trader then ask someone else in business if they’ll do a joint brainstorming for both businesses.

#9. Look at Your Analytics

content marketing ideas


Check your Google Analytics at the Behaviour /Site Content / All Pages report to see what content people have looked at in the past. You can then use this to inform future content strategy. Think how you can repurpose content you’ve already written or come up with new angles on the theme.

Tip: Look at dwell time as well as page views on your Analytics as that will show you what content people spend longer on i.e. found more engaging or useful that they spent the time on.

#10. Tell Stories

Go back to the stories of your business. Why did you start your business? Why did you create a particular product or service? What stories are there from your customers and how they have used your product or service? Make content from the stories, people respond to the stories!

Over to you now. Any other suggestions for ways of generating content marketing ideas for your business? What has worked for you to generate ideas Tell us in the comments below.

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