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4 Top Tips for Using Twitter Analytics

So you have your Twitter account and you’re trying to use it to promote your business to parents, but have you ever looked at your Twitter analytics to see what’s working and what isn’t? Here are 4 Top Tips for using Twitter Analytics to help get you started:
twitter analytics

How to Get Into Twitter Analytics

You can access your Twitter analytics by visiting Make sure you are logged into your Twitter account and that link will go straight to your Analytics section.

If you haven’t advertised with Twitter before or if you haven’t used analytics before you may need to sign up for the service. But don’t worry, it’s free and you don’t need to run ads.

#1. Review Your Twitter Overview Stats

On the home screen you’ll see some headline statistics for the last 28 days with any changes over previous period, along with some top stats:

  • Top Tweet
  • Top Mention
  • Top Follower
  • Top Media Tweet – the top Tweet with photo, video

If you scroll down you’ll also get highlights and top stats for previous calendar months.

twitter analytics

Here are some definitions for you:

  • Tweet impressions – The number of times your tweets have been seen during the time period
  • Profile Visits – This is the number of times people have visited your profile.
  • Mentions – The number of times you have been @mentioned in a tweet
  • New Followers – The number of new people who followed you on Twitter

Tip: if you haven’t already reached out to your Top Follower now’s a good time to thank them for being a good supporter and retweet at least one of their tweets.

#3. Analyse Your Tweets

Click the Tweets tab to delve into some detail about your tweets. Again it will default to 28 days but you can change the timescales a bit like you do on Google Analytics by clicking the dropdown and picking the dates you want.

This page is a bit like your Facebook Insights Posts section showing you the most recent Tweets with Impressions, Engagements and Engagement rate.

twitter analytics

You can also view stats for Top Tweets, Tweets and replies as well as any Promoted Tweets if you’ve paid for Twitter ads.

If you want to see more in-depth stats per Tweet then click on the View Tweet Activity link at the bottom of the Tweet and a popup screen will display those.

twitter analytics

More definitions:

  • Impressions – The number of times your tweet was seen during the time period
  • Engagements – This is the number of engagements on your tweet. So clicks on your tweet, including retweets, replies, follows, favourites, link clicks.
  • Engagement rate – This is the number of engagements on your tweet divided by the number of impressions the tweet had.
  • Link clicks – The number of times links you have shared have been clicked in the selected time period
  • Retweets – The number of Retweets you earned in the selected time period
  • Likes – The number of Likes you got on tweets in the selected time period
  • Replies – The number of replies you got in the selected time period

Tip: look at which Tweets performed best and also at Link Clicks if you were using Twitter with the objective of bringing people to a landing page or your website.

#3. Understand Your Audience

Click the Audience tab to find some information and demographics about your Audience. Bear in mind that Twitter doesn’t know as much about its users as Facebook or Google so, much of the information is estimated.

The ‘Overview’ tab will show you estimated information about your followers’ interests and occupation.

Click on the ‘Demographics’ tab to find out the age group, gender and what country your followers live in.

twitter analytics

Tip: Knowing where your audience is located can help inform your Twitter scheduling to make sure you get them at times they are likely to be online

#4. Tap into Events and Trends

Click the Events tab to get information on what people are talking about on Twitter, events that are taking place and anticipated trends. The Overview screen shows you upcoming events along with the size of the audience and some information about a particular location or demographic.

twitter analytics events

So you can see at time of writing that Christmas, New Year and the Oscars are about to take place and people will be talking about those.

You can click on each further tab to get more information on Events, Sports and upcoming Movies.

Also handy are the hashtags that people use for recurring trends, so you might be able to tap into conversations on those topics.

On those screens you can also use drop downs to filter by date and location to narrow it down from the global view!

twitter analytics

And did you know that if you click on an Event (or Sport or Movie) that you get even more information about the audience related to that Event?

twitter analytics

Tip: You could plan to put out content that relates to those holidays, events or even conferences that might be about to take place that will be of value to the Twitter audience.

If you would like to get better results for your business from being on Twitter, then we have teamed up with Amanda Webb from Spiderworking to create a special online course “Build a Twitter Strategy to Target Parents“.

twitter course image

Over to you now. How have you used your Twitter analytics to inform your Twitter content and strategy? Share your experience in the comments below. 


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