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5 Easter Marketing Ideas Guaranteed to Engage Parents

Like Halloween, Easter has always been a child-friendly season and families and kids love getting into the Easter mood (maybe it’s the chocolate?!). This is a great seasonal opportunity for your business or brand to do something fun and engaging for your customers and prospects. So here are 5 Easter Marketing Ideas Guaranteed to Engage Parents:

easter marketing ideas

#1. Give away a little Easter Bunny Love

Why not create an Easter gift that you give away to all customers during the few weeks prior to Easter weekend?

This could incentivise new customers to make their first purchase while making your returning customers feel like they are getting a nice deal. How about giving them a fluffy Easter chick or Easter themed decoration or even a chocolate treat?

#2. Create Easter Content

You could create some useful, branded Easter content for parents like:

Here’s our Easter Egg Hunt Ideas article on Mykidstime that has proved to be very popular.

easter marketing ideas

#3. Create an Easter Hunt

Why not create an Easter Hunt that your customers or website visitors can play? Hide eggs or bunnies or chicks around your physical location or on your website and ask people to find them all or count how many to enter a draw to win something.

Or you could make a Kids Easter Hunt sheet that people can pick up and take round the neighbourhood and bring back to submit for a draw.

#4. Send an Easter Email

Happy Easter

Create an Easter branded email for your mailing list with some fun Easter content – bunny jokes, food tips, Easter events in your local area, maybe a recipe for treat to use the leftover chocolate. And, of course, include a pre-Easter discount to encourage sales.

Download our Free Easter Email Header images that you can use for this, we created them to save you time.

#5. Easter Egg Hunt Bags

Kids love going egg hunting and they need a bag to collect the eggs or stash in. Why not use this opportunity to give out branded Easter Egg bags to parents?

You could hand these out in the run up to Easter or give them away in a competition or as an added value for purchases made during the month.

Over to you now. What have you done at Easter to help market your business to parents? I’d love to hear what worked for you in the comments below.

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