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5 Sweet Ideas for Mother’s Day Marketing

Mother’s Day is a yet another seasonal opportunity for your business or brand to do something fun and engaging for your customers and prospects. So here are 5 Sweet Ideas for Mother’s Day Marketing that you can implement easily to delight the mothers you are targeting:

Mother's Day Marketing

#1. Create Mother’s Day Content

You could create some useful, branded Mother’s Day content for parents like:

  • Download our free Mother’s Day printable that you can share
  • Sweet quotes about mums and motherhood
  • A delicious recipe like chocolate cake or cupcakes recipe for a Mother’s Day treat
  • Little “voucher” ideas for kids to give their mother like “A lie in” or “A back massage”

Here’s our article 10 of the Sweetest Mother’s Day Ideas for Cards for Kids on Mykidstime that has proved to be very popular.

It’s just giving parents ideas for cute cards that their kids can make for Mom.

#2. Run a “We Love Our Mothers” Promotion

mothers day marketing

Show your customers how much they mean to you by offering special Mother’s Day promotions for current customers only.

What about:

  • something they can treat their mother to
  • buy something and get a special gift sent to their own mother
  • a discount if they book their next service by a certain date
  • give them a small free gift if they come into you.

#3. Send a Happy Mother’s Day Email

Mother's Day Email template yellow

Create a Mother’s Day branded email for your mailing list with some nice content –

  • some sort of Mother’s Day discount or offer to encourage sales
  • a sweet Mother’s Day card their child can make
  • ideas for gifts for their own Mother
  • ideas for me-time for themselves

Download our Free Mother’s Day Email Header images that you can use for this, we created them to save you time.

#4. Give Away Mother’s Day Treats

mothers day marketing

Hand out small treats in the run up to Mother’s Day or give them away in a competition or as an added value for purchases made before the Day.

Or if it’s tricky for you to come up with treats, then why not slip in a Mother’s Day gift card that they can give their mother with the product they have bought?

#5. Run a Mother’s Day Competition

mothers day marketing

You could run a Mother’s Day competition for mums to win a big box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers or a bottle of Pink Bubbly and use the opportunity to capture email addresses for your mailing list.

And if you’re looking for some fun ideas for Mother’s Day content to share, check out these 10 examples of the most engaging Mothers Day posts on Facebook, we particularly love the Minions one!

I hope this has inspired you to think what you can do for Mother’s Day Promotions this year to delight parents!

Over to you now. What have you done for Mother’s Day to promote your business to parents? I’d love to hear what worked for you in the comments below.

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