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5 Valentine’s Day Promotions That Parents Will Adore

Valentine’s Day is a great seasonal opportunity for your business or brand to do something fun and engaging for your customers and prospects. While many businesses think this is only an opportunity to target couple without kids, we know that parents like to be romanced too! So here are 5 Valentine’s Day Promotions That Parents Will Adore:

Valentine's Day Promotions

Parents like to feel the love too even if they aren’t young and single any more! So here are some fun Valentine’s Day promotions ideas you can use for your business.

#1. Send a Happy Valentine’s Email

valentine's day promotions

Create a Valentine branded email for your mailing list with some fun Valentine content –

  • a valentine craft idea they can do with the kids
  • ideas for valentine’s cards they can make
  • a cookie recipe that can be cut out in heart shapes
  • and of course, include a Valentine discount or offer to encourage sales.

Download our Free Valentine’s Email Header images that you can use for this, we created them to save you time.

#2. Run a “We Love Our Customers” Promotion

valentine's day promotions

Show your customers how much they mean to you by offering special Valentine’s Day promotions for current customers only. Maybe it’s a buy something get a special gift, or a discount if they book their next service by a certain date, or even give them a small free gift if they come into you.

Or you could run a Valentine’s Day competition for mums to win a big box of chocolates or an orchid or a bottle of Prosecco (I don’t know many Mums who wouldn’t appreciate this prize!) and use the opportunity to capture email addresses for your mailing list.

#3. Highlight Your Red or Pink Products

valentine red products display

Use the run up to Valentine’s Day to highlight any red or pink products that you sell, set up a cool window display or on a display table in your physical location.

Or make a special red/pink Valentine’s page on your e-store.

Or do you have a product that you could turn red or pink for the season?

#4. Create Valentine Content

You could create some useful, branded Valentine’s Day content for parents like:

Here’s our Valentine’s article 14 Valentine’s Ideas That Won’t Cost a Penny on Mykidstime that has proved to be very popular.

We wrote it from the angle of parents often focussing so much on our kids that we neglect our relationships a bit with our significant other.

#5. Give Away Valentine Treats

valentine candy

Hand out small Valentine treats in the run up to Valentine’s Day or give them away in a competition or as an added value for purchases made before February 14th.

If you can’t stretch to additional treats, then even decorating your usual bags or putting in a little printed Valentine’s thank you message with all orders is a nice thing to tell your customers you appreciate them.

I hope this has inspired you to think what you can do for Valentine’s Day Promotions this year to delight parents!

Over to you now. What have you done at Valentine’s Day to help market your business to parents? I’d love to hear what worked for you in the comments below.


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