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6 Practical Tips for Preparing Your Christmas Marketing Content

As I write this we have just had an unusually hot spell of summer weather in Ireland. So Christmas seems an age (and a different weather system) away. But did you know that it can take at least 6 months for the search engines to pick your content up to be relevant? Here are 6 Practical Tips for Preparing Your Christmas Marketing Content for your business:

christmas marketing

#1. Write seasonal content at least 6 months in advance

Yes, now is the time to be preparing Christmas content. What July?! Yes, as this will allow the time for search engines which can have up to a 6 month lag in picking up your content as relevant.

#2. Look over what you created last year

Now’s a good time to check your Analytics to see what Christmas content performed well last year. This will inform your new content strategy. If you had a Christmas article that people enjoyed then make a new version for this year.

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#3. Having time to research

christmas marketing

There are heaps of ideas for Christmas on Pinterest and Flipboard and Twitter so go have a snoop now as that will give you time to make your own version.

#4. Get your Christmas content done and dusted now

Unless your business is particularly busy in July, then often summer can be a good time to catch up and get ahead on your marketing campaigns and content. By creating your Christmas content early you’ll have it ready to pull out of the bag as you near December!

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#5. If you need to create visuals you have plenty of time

Rather than doing things in a rush in November, you will have plenty of time to either brief your graphic designer or else work away on tools like Canva yourself without feeling pressured.

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#6. Free up your time for later

Hopefully all your time in the lead up to Christmas will be spent dealing with orders and customer enquiries. The last thing you want to deal with at that time is trying to get a Christmas marketing campaign completed and running so save stress and headaches by freeing up your time for later.

There’s nothing better as a small business owner than being ahead of yourself for once! When you plan early, you’ll have the time to make any necessary tweaks and improvements before launching your campaign to the big wide world.

Over to you now. Have you any tips for preparing Christmas marketing content? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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