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6 Simple Ideas For Marketing Your Coaching Services to Parents

Do you offer coaching services to parents? Parents are a little different to other segments because they buy services not only for themselves but for their kids and family so think about how to build this into your marketing. Here are 6 Simple Ideas For Marketing Your Coaching Services to Parents, all super easy to implement.

6 Simple Ideas For Marketing Your Coaching Services to Parents lead

1. Plan Some Useful Content for Parents

What can you create around your coaching topics that you can make as a useful free thing for parents in return for email capture?

For example, a checklist, short tips PDF, something that will help parents in their life. Think about parents’ seasons, these tend to be different from general seasonal opportunities.

e.g. How to Survive Christmas as a Parent or Tips for Parents to Survive Back to School

2. Make Your Emails Helpful

list building

Don’t be tempted to sell your coaching sessions on your emails out to your mailing list. Instead focus on making each email you send of value to parents.

Can you share a family tip of the month? or embed a little video talking about a particular issue and how to tackle it?

3. Ask for Testimonials And Turn These Into Content

Put together testimonials making sure to reference that this came from a parent, e.g. “Susan, mother of 2” and put them on your blog and share them on social media.

When you are doing this, make sure to probe people as to tangible results. So not just “X is a wonderful coach” but “X is not only a wonderful coach but he/she helped me with a, b and c”

You ideally want the testimonial to show the transformation by describing their situation before and after so that you can demonstrate how your service helped them to achieve that transformation.

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4. Give Workshops For Introducing Yourself

giving a workshop

Show off your expertise through free or low cost workshops on topics that help parents. Personally I think free workshops get good signups but result in low attendance. If you make it a small amount, e.g. €10 ticket fee low enough to attract people but not too much to put them off. It gives them “skin in the game” and they are more likely to attend if they have paid. If they don’t at least you have something towards your time.

Workshops are good ways to meet new prospects, show that you are an expert and attract new clients. Hold these at weekends or other times that suit parents.

Make sure to have an evaluation form for participants to fill out after the workshop and ask them to give you their name, phone number and email address and an opt in to “contact me about coaching”.

5. Ask For Referrals

I once heard this interesting fact at a sales seminar:

  • 20% of your clients or customers will always tell others about you
  • 20% will never tell anyone and
  • 60% are waiting to be asked.

Do you ask your clients if they know any other parent that might benefit from your services? You should let your clients know that you are expanding your practice and ask them if they know of anyone to whom you could offer a sample session.

6. Offer Family-Friendly Sessions

Offer coaching sessions at family-friendly times that suit parents. If they work then weekends are a good time, if they don’t work then mornings after school drop are ideal.

Can you offer sessions that help the family or a child as well as for the parent? This gives extra value and extra opportunities to market your coaching services to parents.

Over to you now. What has worked for you in marketing your coaching services to parents? Share your experience in the comments below.

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