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9 Nifty Ways to Think Up Content Ideas for Parents

If you’re a busy business owner or marketing manager looking to target parents, coming up with content ideas for your marketing and your social media can feel a bit overwhelming. Here are 9 Nifty Ways to Come Up With Content Ideas for Parents, that we have successfully used for our award winning blog for parents,

content ideas

#1. Brainstorming Techniques

Ideally ask another person to brainstorm with you, it’s the process of sharing ideas that generates new ones. Start with a topic like “kids lunchbox” and come up with 5 new angles for lunchboxes, for example,

  • X best lunchboxes to buy for your child
  • X healthy lunchbox ideas for kids
  • Who else hates making kids lunches all the time (opinion piece)
  • X sandwich ideas for your kids lunchbox
  • X cute note ideas to put in your kids lunchbox

Do this for another 10 topics and you now have 50 blog post content ideas!

#2. Think How You Can Repurpose

Now think how you can repurpose each of your 50 ideas into different content types – how to video, checklist, infographic, funny etc.

This will generate even more content for you based on what you already came up with.


#3. Ask Your Community

There’s no point producing content if parents aren’t going to read it. Ask your fans and followers for what content they would find useful.

We used to produce a Christmas Gift Guide for all the family, but last year we asked our fans if they’d like that again (no was the answer) and what they would find useful instead – we got 10 great suggestions for new content to create.

#4. Use Hashtags

Look at hashtags on different social channels to see what conversations are taking place around a topic. This may give you suggestions for content that would be useful to produce.

Tip: Quora is a website where people pose questions so having a browse around parenting topics can be fruitful

#5. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

content idea generator

I love this funky tool called Portent’s Content Idea Generator where you can put in a keyword and it will give you ideas for content based on the keyword. It is more of a title generator really but it can give you some good ideas around the theme.

And be sure to check out our tips for 10 Easy Steps for Writing Great Blog Titles That Parents Will Click On.

#6. Search on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great place to find content ideas, there’s just so much on there. Again you could curate content you find to share out on your social media channels, or use the ideas you find as the starting point for your own version of them.

#7. Look at Hero Brands

Take a look at what the best websites and brands for parents are producing. Can you take the idea and adapt it to your own business?

Never ever copy but always look for ideas to either curate to share or make into a new version for your own business.

#8. Use Your Analytics

content ideas

Look at your Google Analytics at Behaviour / Site Content / All Pages over a time period e.g. last 3 months to see what content has been most popular with parents. The chances are if one topic has been popular then more content around that topic will continue to be popular.

This article How to Use Google Analytics to Deliver Results for Your Business shows you how to do this.

#9. Run a Survey

Send a survey to your email list or out on your social media channels with a little prize to encourage them to tell you what they’d like content on. You might find this article 10 Tips to Help Create a Customer Surveys Online to Guarantee Results useful.

So if you do one thing after reading this article, I’d recommend #1 – sit with a piece of paper and brainstorm ideas, it will get you started on the path for generating content ideas for parents.

Over to you now. How do you come up with ideas for your marketing or blog content ideas for parents? Tell us in the comments below. 


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