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Marketing to Mums: What Mums Think of Cars and Travel with Kids

We surveyed Mums to ask them their opinion on family cars and travelling with kids in cars. And the results were eye-opening! If you are marketing to mums, then you might be interesting in finding out what Mums Think of Cars and Travel with Kids in our free Insights Report:

In our online survey of Mums we asked them questions about how they view cars and travelling with kids including

  • How much time they spend in the car
  • Favourite family cars
  • How often they change car
  • Family car choice
  • What qualities they look for in cars

And we found some really interesting results such as:

  • 63% say it’s a joint decision picking a new car
  • 29% of parents spend between 7 and 14 hours per week in the car
  • Hatchback is top family car type followed by saloon
  • Safety is number 1 of the top things parents look for in the cars they buy

Find out more in our FREE Insights Report which you can download here.

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