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Marketing to Mums: What Mums Think of Online Safety and Kids

We surveyed Mums to ask them their opinion on online safety and kids. And the results were eye-opening! If you are marketing to mums, then you might be interesting in finding out what Mums Think of Online Safety and Kids in our free Insights Report:

In our online survey of Mums we asked them questions about online safety and kids including

  • How they monitor their child’s safety online
  • How worried they are about online safety of kids
  • If they download apps or try out websites themselves
  • How they educate themselves about online safety

And we found some really interesting results such as:

  • 90% of parents don’t currently use apps or software to monitor their child’s online usage
  • 18% of parents are unaware if their child has ever been bullied online
  • 54% of parents sometimes explore apps or sites before their child uses them
  • 52% of parents are not friends with their child on social media channels

Find out more in our FREE Insights Report which you can download here.

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