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FREE Marketing to Moms Cheat Sheet

Based on our 10 years’ experience of running digital marketing campaigns at, we have put together a special Marketing to Moms Cheat Sheet

Use our Cheat Sheet to inform your digital marketing campaigns aimed at mothers, with our handy tips about

  • why you should market to Moms
  • how Moms make decisions
  • which promotional channels work well for marketing to Moms
  • our special seasonal Moms calendar
  • Must-Haves for your marketing campaign
  • the most popular types of content that moms enjoy
  • their favourite content formats
  • 10 steps to a kickass marketing campaign to moms

View our infographic below and if you would like to download it here it is in PDF format.

For more in-depth and fascinating insights into moms, marketing and how they access content online, download our Free Report Marketing to Moms

marketing to moms

Over to you now. Did you find our Marketing to Moms Cheat Sheet useful? Tell us in the comments below.

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