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What Matters to Mums When Planning Family Holidays?

Taking a holiday with your family is a highlight of the year for many parents, whether you work or stay at home, getting a break from the routine refreshes you and you get to spend fun and quality time with the kids. So what matters to Mums when planning family holidays?

family holiday

Getting away

Whether you stay in Ireland or head abroad for some guaranteed sunshine, a family summer holiday is a real treat and a necessary break from the madness of daily life.

I’m a bit of an early bird booker, because in January once Christmas is out the way I really like to have something to look forward to. But other parents I know, are real last-minute bookers, and they sometimes snag good deals that way too.

Regardless of when you book there are some key criteria that are important to parents.

Most mums tend to pick accommodation as the key thing to get sorted once a destination has been chosen, then look next at options for visits and things to do to amuse the family in that particular spot.

Most families have children in different age groups so it is important to show how you can accommodate and entertain all ages.

Factors that influence when I plan a family holiday include:

  • school holidays (peak prices! so the earlier I can book the better)
  • my own job/work
  • partner’s job/work
  • available budget to book in advance (can you pay a deposit now and pay full amount later)
  • that the destination will offer something for all our interests and ages

We Surveyed Mums about Planning Holidays

holidaying in ireland

We surveyed parents about planning holidays and they shared with us that:

  • 34% take 2 holidays each year
  • 51% don’t hire a car when they go on holiday
  • 28% of parents look for good value flights first and then look for accommodation when planning.
  • 83% of families take their main holiday during school summer holidays
  • 59% of parents plan their main holiday between January and March

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Factors that Matter to Mums when Planning Family Holidays

The top three factors for choosing a particular holiday destination:

  1. Must have a pool
  2. Must be walking distance to shops & restaurants
  3. Must be close to activities

When booking a flight these are the top three factors that matter most to parents

  1. Cost
  2. Flight times
  3. Destinations served

Other Feedback About Planning Family Holidays from Mums

“Unjust that holidays become extremely expensive, possibly prohibitively so for some, during July and August”

“It can be so hard getting away with 3 under 4 but it is worth it. We always say unless we get on a plane it doesn’t feel like a holiday!”

“As a family with three children we have to book early.. if we leave it too late we struggle to find an apartment with two bedrooms which we feel we need.”

“Frustrating that people in the UK always get the same holidays cheaper”

“As a family of 6 find it difficult to get a hotel that caters for all. Would be lost without the campsites.”

“We usually start thinking around this time of year so when the Aer Lingus sale starts, we know exactly where we’re going. We’d love to get away more often but getting accommodation for a family of 5 isn’t always easy unfortunately.”

“I usually plan a year in advance in order to be able to save for family holidays. It’s very unfair that prices go up during school holidays because I don’t like to take my children out of school during term time.”

“More hotels with larger rooms in resorts would be amazing. Very hard to get rooms for 3 children and 2 adults.”

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Things that Family Holiday Sector Can Look at For Marketing to Mums

Here are a few suggestions based on this feedback and my own experience:

Getting information out earlier

Nearly 60% of the parents we surveyed are planning their main holiday January, February and March. So work on getting information out to them during November and December so that you have helped them and are in their mind when they come to do final planning and booking.

Saving time

I personally am a busy mum and don’t have that much time to work out all the different things we could do at a destination. So the more you can help me plan my holiday the happier I will be. Look at how you can partner with other businesses to offer other options to bundle together so parents know activities and / or meals are also taken care of.

Share ideas on your website for other things to do. You may not feel like promoting other places but the family is not going to just visit your location, so the more helpful you are the better.

Use content to promote your destination

On Mykidstime we worked with a ferry company to create content about the ferry destinations to help parents when considering how they will go abroad. And we created destination content for families for a family-friendly resort to show off what was in the area around the resort.

Extras that help families

Mums might be price sensitive when planning their family’s holiday but they also appreciate good value and extras. What can you include in their purchase to make life even easier? It could be a small thing like a welcome hamper including wet wipes for when they arrive or a set of colouring books/pencils for the kids to enjoy. All these little extras that help families are things that delight and will have parents and kids talking about after their stay.

When confirming a booking e.g. for your flight, accommodation or resort – how can your confirmation email help add value to your customer? What other content can you put on the email to help them?

Recommendations matter

I look at reviews or listen to other mum’s recommendations for destinations, accommodation, restaurants and activities. For example, what’s the cost, what did they think, what should I know about?

How can you get reviews and get Mums recommending to other Mums. Can you offer an extra discount or something nice when they stay if they give you a review online?

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One final tip

Create and share holiday planning content that helps Mums out as they start to plan, it’s a good way of building trust and connection with your target customers beyond your sales message.

Connecting your family holiday brand with mothers in an engaging way through social and digital channels is possible, we do it all the time on Mykidstime. We help brands and businesses to connect with Mums. Schedule a call today to have a chat about how to work with Mykidstime.


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