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What Mums Think of Family Meals

We surveyed Mums to ask them their opinion on family meals. If you are marketing to mums, then you might be interested in finding out what Mums Think of Family Meals in our free Insights Report:


In our online survey of Mums we asked them questions about family meals including
  • Who cooks the family dinner
  • Where they get ideas for meals from
  • Whether they make meals from scratch or not
  • If they get the kids to help prepare meals

And we found some really interesting results such as:

  • 53% of parents sometimes get their kids to help prepare meals
  • 27% of parents say they share the cooking responsibilities
  • 37% of families eat takeaway at least once a month but 78% mainly cook meals from scratch
  • Only 6% of parents say they watch video content for recipe ideas 

Find out more in our FREE Insights Report which you can download here.

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