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What Mums Think of Planning for Christmas

We surveyed Mums to ask them their opinion on planning for Christmas. If you are marketing to mums, then you might be interesting in finding out what Mums Think of Christmas Planning in our free Insights Report:

In our online survey of Mums we asked them questions about online safety and kids including
  • How much they spend on Christmas
  • When they plan for Christmas
  • How they buy toys for Christmas
  • How they budget for Christmas
  • Where they buy food and drink for Christmas

And we found some really interesting results such as:

  • 60% of parents plan Christmas in September and October
  • 51% of parents visit a local toy retailer to buy toys
  • 73% buy all their Christmas food and drink from the supermarket
  • 58% of parents spend over €500 on Christmas

Find out more in our FREE Insights Report which you can download here.

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