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Do you want to connect to parents?

Our blog and community is all about helping businesses and brands who market to parents. Read on to find out how to connect with parents and get them excited about your brand!


Proven Ways To Use Visual Content To Engage Parents

Using visual content is a powerful way to promote your business online. And I don’t mean just in the tradtional form of advertising. There is a whole different way of ‘speaking’ to people online, and having a trusted, innovative presence online, be it on social media or blogging, can make a big difference to your […]

measuring your marketing

How to Dial Up The Social Media Engagement for Your Business

Are you a business owner or marketing manager who wants to target parents? Maybe you are just starting your social media journey or in fact you’ve been on social media for a while but you’re finding engagement a struggle. Based on my experience of growing a very engaged community of over 600,000 parents, here are some tips for […]

how to make a mailing list

How To Make a Mailing List that Pays Off for Your Business

As a business owner with two website businesses, and now, one of earliest lessons I learned was the importance of creating a strong email list. I’ve got some tips for you based on our experience of growing our mailing lists – here’s How to Make a Mailing List that Pays off for Your Business. (more…)

list building

Why List Building is Crucial for Your Business Success

Having co-owned and run my own business marketing to parents since 2007, one of the early lessons we learned was the importance of creating an email list. On Mykidstime, we have grown our mailing list to over 80,000 and our mailing list continues to deliver results for our business. Let me share with you why list building […]


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"Jill & her team not only helped me get over the block I had about writing content for my business but helped me create a content plan and schedule I could use for social media."

Des Wilson


"The support and advice that Digital4Sales gave was straightforward and practical, and helped me get my social media and content plan organised which is exactly what I needed for my business."

Fiona Lucas


"We have seen increased engagement on our social media channels, spikes in traffic to our website, increased conversion on our packages."

Jennifer Ryan

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