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Why Parents Have Their Own Seasons and How to Use Those for Your Marketing

Many businesses use seasonal events as an opportunity to market to their target customers. For example, Valentines Day, Mothers Day etc. If your target customers are parents then there are actually other key events that provide a great chance to prove your brand to be useful and relevant to them. Here’s why parents have their own seasons and how to use those for your marketing:


Special Seasons and Events that Parents Experience

back to school

Of course parents still follow the same seasons as non-parents, but there are some special seasons and events that parents have in their lives that are worth bearing in mind when planning your marketing to parents.

For example,

  • back to school
  • school holidays
  • child losing their first tooth
  • religious milestones like First Holy Communion and Bar Mitzvah
  • teen doing their exams

Then there are events that only parents will experience like “Mums New Year” in September when kids go back to school and mums start to think about doing things like getting fit again after a busy summer vacation season.

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A Parent’s Calendar

For our Marketing to Moms Cheat Sheet we also thought about what moms (and dads) are typically planning at different times of the year in what we call “The Twelve Months of Motherhood”:

January – planning family summer vacations
February – planning spring break
March/April – planning Easter Fun like egg hunts
May – need ideas for bored teens
June – it’s garden time as everyone gets outdoors
July – looking for ideas for amusing the kids
August – getting organized for Back to School
September – planning Christmas purchases
October – planning Halloween Fun
November – looking for where Santa will be visiting
December – organizing Christmas food

The point here is that if you can create content that helps parents at these planning points of the year, then you’re going to build brand trust with your targets.

And if you can target your marketing campaigns at times of year that parents are starting to plan (not later when they are busy) your campaign is more likely to resonate with them.

For example, one of our most popular pieces of annual content on Mykidstime is our Christmas Hot Toys List. We publish this in September because parents like to plan ahead and budget for their child’s Christmas wish list but also because the popular toys are harder to find nearer Christmas. So being there when parents start to plan helps with our brand trust.

christmas content

Think of different angles

Try to put yourself in parents’ shoes to offer a different angle for your marketing. For example, not only do mothers have to organise something for their own father but they now have their partner to organise for (as a Dad but also more likely, for his Dad too!). If you were to run a Fathers’ Day competition why not offer 2 prizes, one for them and one for their father?

Or think about the humor angle like we did with 30 Reasons You Know You’re Mum to a Communion Child. Parents enjoy humor about their lives as a parent.

Can your content help solve problems?

In our experience, content that helps parents solve a problem goes down very well. So, for example, we published 21 Mischievous Elf on the Shelf Ideas to Delight the Kids last year and it did very well for pageviews and social shares because it was helping parents come up with ideas for doing Elf on the Shelf.

Or our 10 Hacks for Parents for Organising Toys as everyone who has had a child knows that toy creep around the house is a problem!

Or do you get parents asking you questions about your product or service? Turn these into content pieces.

Use these Seasons to Inform Content and Marketing Plans

Using the idea of parents’ seasonal calendars and key events throughout their year and their children’s years can help inform what content you create.

You can plan your campaigns to match their timings rather than going with the same old same old like Valentine’s Day (which most parents yawn at anyway – literally from exhaustion) to help your business or brand stand out from the crowd.

Over to you now. Have you matched your content and/or marketing to parents’ seasons? Tell us your experience in the comments below. 

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2 Responses to Why Parents Have Their Own Seasons and How to Use Those for Your Marketing

  1. Naomi Lavelle 7th July 2017 at 12:34 pm #

    It makes sense when you point it out, but I never really considered this before. Very helpful article, thanks.

  2. Jill 7th July 2017 at 12:49 pm #

    Thanks Naomi. Yes it’s a different calendar really that parents work off a parallel to the traditional one, but one that offers great opportunities to be relevant and useful

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