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How to Use Facebook Remarketing and Custom Audiences for Your Business Part 1

Have you heard about ‘Facebook remarketing’ or ‘custom audiences’ and wondered what on earth those terms refer to? Or maybe you’ve got a good idea – but you’re not sure it’s exactly right? Julia Bramble of explains How to Use Facebook Remarketing and Custom Audiences for Your Business in Part 1 of our two part series:

facebook remarketing

You’re not the only one who has wondered what Facebook remarketing or custom audiences are! This one area seems to be a major stumbling block for many business owners and marketers, so I will try and explain the concepts.

First things first. The remarketing and custom audiences all sit within the Facebook advertising umbrella. So if you don’t want to pay to get your content and/or offers seen by a wider audience on Facebook, you won’t get access to these tools.

And that’s something that many people miss. They see Facebook ads as ‘having to pay to reach the people we used to reach for free.’ But the thing is that Facebook advertising offers far more than just being able to reach people (though that’s exciting enough – the targeting ability is unmatched by any other marketing tool.)

You can now go back and talk to people who have shown an interest in your business or your content. That is, in a nutshell, what Facebook remarketing is.

(By ‘go back and talk’ I mean – ‘show a Facebook ad to.’)

And if you’d like to give your Facebook advertising a pick-me-up, I have a free checklist “10 essential elements to Facebook ads success” you might like to download.

Why is this so exciting? Well, we know that, in business, we need people to know, like and trust us, or our products, before they will buy from us. So, our audiences – online or offline – aren’t going to just buy the first time they hear about us – we are going to have to follow up. If we can do this in an automated way, in a way that is very cost-effective, that we can track and measure, then suddenly we can see the potential of Facebook remarketing.

So – to the nitty-gritty.

How do we make it all happen?

To remarket to someone (i.e. go back and talk to them again) we first need to have included them within a specific group, or audience, so that we can set up an ad and tell Facebook to show it to only the people that have already shown an interest.

Facebook offers us several ways of doing this – several different custom audiences that we can create:

#1. Website custom audience

People who have visited your website. You can specify who you want to target exactly – people who have visited a specific page, or who have visited one page but not another, or all the pages with a certain word in the url, or visitors based on a time period.

custom audience

#2. Your existing database

You can upload your existing list into Facebook to show ads to them. This can be a list of email addresses or phone numbers.
Now you’re going to ask why you need to do that when you can already contact them? It’s because the majority of your list won’t open all of your emails – so sharing the message via an ad becomes a very powerful boost to your effectiveness!

#3. Those who engaged with your content

This is a more recent development – but one that is really exciting! You can now create a custom audience of people to go back and talk to from people who responded to any piece of content you shared on your Facebook page and who watched any of your videos.

Once again, you can specify particular posts or videos and specific responses. With videos, you can also choose to target people who have watched a certain percentage or length of your video – allowing you to talk to only those that are the most interested if you want to.

#4. Lookalike audiences

Not only can you create custom audiences but, once you have any of these in place – or indeed the audience of those who like your Page or who have RSVPed to an event, you can ask Facebook to create a Lookalike audience.

This means that the Facebook wizardry goes off and finds a whole new group of people for you who have the same demographics and interests as the ‘seed’ audience you asked it to work from. Facebook is essentially finding you a whole new audience who could be perfect customers, free of charge.

Using Facebook for Sequential Communication

Once you put all these opportunities together, you can quickly see that your Facebook ad campaigns can change character – from being a static, stand-alone affair, to a much more sequential communication.

So, for example:

  • You could share a blog or a video with an audience using a Facebook ad and then follow up by showing an ad for an offer only to those people who watched the video or who clicked through to the blog.
  • You can retarget those who visited your sales page but who didn’t go to your thank you page.
  • You can serve ads to specific segments of your database. The list of possible combinations is endless!

And that’s why Facebook ads are so powerful!

You now have the opportunity to create a very specific and targeted series of messages for people, based on actions they’ve taken. And this will result in getting much better results than just blasting a generic message out to everyone!

I hope that you are now inspired to go and create some custom audiences of your own.  Please let me know what you plan to do – or ask any questions in the comments.

The second blog in this series will show you how to set up your audiences so that you are all ready to get going!

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