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How to Use Facebook Remarketing and Custom Audiences for Your Business Part 2

Have you heard about ‘Facebook remarketing’ or ‘custom audiences’ but are not quite sure how to go about effectively using them for your business? In Part 2 of our series How to Use Facebook Remarketing and Custom Audiences for Your Business Julia Bramble of shows us how to set up those custom audiences to really get your Facebook ads working:

facebook remarketing

How to create Facebook Custom Audiences for Retargeting Your Ads

I’m hoping that you read part 1 of this blog so that you know just how powerful Facebook retargeting can be – and that you’re itching to get started!

In this blog I’m going to show you how to create the custom audiences that you need in order to get all this magic working in your business.

I’m going to start from the simplest audiences to create and work through to the ones that require a little more work, so that even if you only have, say 10 minutes to start off with, you can still get started. Then once you see just how powerful this all is, you’ll be inspired to do more!

And if you’d like to give your Facebook advertising an extra pick-me-up, I have a free checklist “10 essential elements to Facebook ads success” you might like to download.

So let’s start with:

Creating a lookalike audience

This is the simplest audience to create and, as mentioned in the previous blog, it’s Facebook’s way of going out and finding a whole new group of people for you that are similar to an audience you’ve already created.

The great thing is that Facebook can create a lookalike audience from people who’ve liked your Page, or who have RSVP’d to an event page, so you’re likely to have a starting point already!

Go to your Ads Manager, navigate along the top menu bar to ‘Audiences’, choose ‘Lookalike Audience’ and then select the ‘seed’ audience from which you want to create your Lookalike and the balance between similarity to your ‘seed audience’ and size with the sliding scale at the bottom (I always create an audience the most similar to my ‘seed audience’ – ie. with the scale set at ‘1’.)

facebook retargeting custom audiences

When you’ve got your audience set up, you can select it as the target for your Facebook ads by choosing it in the drop-down box which appears when setting up your Ad Set, as shown here:

facebook retargeting custom audiences

Lookalike audiences can be large, so I often find the best results are obtained from running ads targeting the Lookalike audience with an additional interest added as a ‘filter’, to make sure the right section of the audience sees the ad.

To do this, simply select an interest. Demographic or behaviour when setting up the Ad Set, having already added your Lookalike audience as a custom audience.

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Creating an audience from your lead, or customer database

Running Facebook ads to the people already on your list might not be the most obvious way of using Facebook’s custom audience tool – but it’s a great way to amplify any messages you want your audience to see – after all – what percentage of your list actually opens their emails?

Also, once you have a list of customers or prospects uploaded to Facebook, you can then create a Lookalike audience from it, allowing you to reach more people who could be your ideal customers.

Navigate to ‘Audiences’ once more and choose ‘Custom Audience’, and then ‘Customer File’.

If you are using Mailchimp as an email marketing tool, you can upload your data directly (choose the second option, as shown below.)

Otherwise, choose the top option, to either upload a csv or txt file, or copy and paste a list of data.

facebook retargeting custom audiences

Your crm or email marketing software will probably allow you to download a csv file of your lists, groups or segments. Facebook will sort this list for you, keeping only the data they need (which saves you having to strip it all out before uploading).

facebook retargeting custom audiences

Creating an audience from people who have visited your website

Facebook allows you to create custom audiences from people who have visited any website (i.e. any web page) you own.

In order to make this happen, you will need to take the pixel (a short piece of code, or cookie) that Facebook creates for you, and insert it between the <head> tags of each of your web pages.

facebook retargeting custom audiences

Once you have done that, navigate to ‘Audiences’ ‘Custom Audience’ and choose ‘website traffic’. You’ll see that, by clicking the dropdown arrow, you can create different audiences, depending on the specific page visitors you want to include.

You might choose to create an audience of everyone who visits your web page, plus sub-audiences as well…

facebook retargeting custom audiences

Creating an audience from people who have engaged with you on Facebook

This is a new form of audience that Facebook has introduced and is very powerful, as it allows you to go back and talk to people who have already responded to content you’ve shared on Facebook.

Navigate to ‘Audiences’ ‘Custom Audience’ and then ‘Engagement Audience’.

You will probably either want to choose the video option or the Facebook Page option to start off with:

facebook retargeting custom audiences

You will see that Facebook allows you to create audiences based on how much of your video has been watched (which ties in with the interest level of the audience and therefore, the motivation to take action.)

facebook retargeting custom audiences

Once again, you could create a ‘catch-all’ audience from people who watched at least 3 seconds of your video, and then further sub-audiences of those who watched most of your video.

Alternatively, you can create an audience from those who have engaged with (ie. responded to) any form of content on your Page, by choosing the bottom option:

facebook retargeting custom audiences

I hope that you’re really excited about all the opportunity this opens up for you! Not only can you talk to (i.e. show an ad to) anyone who’s shown an interest, in a specific way, but you can also exclude specific audiences from your ad targeting too.

Do this by clicking the ‘Exclude’ link, just under the Custom Audience selection in Ads Manager and then by selecting the audience in the ‘exclude’ box, as shown here:

facebook retargeting custom audiences

I really hope these 2 blog posts have shown you just what a massive opportunity Facebook retargeting offers you. It’s not just a tool for big businesses – small businesses can, and do, see remarkable results from adopting these strategies every day.

What audiences will you create first? Have you got any questions? Please let me know in the comments below!


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