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What 5000 Mums Think of Content, Social & Influencers

Electric Media have just launched the results of a large piece of market research undertaken with over 5,000 parents in Ireland. Here’s what 5,000 Mums Think of Content, Social and Influencers:

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On Thursday 1st June 2017, I was at the launch of a large piece of research undertaken by Electric Media’s Housekeeper With Kids Channel, with over 5,000 parents in Ireland taking part in an online survey. I was on a discussion panel on the day, fellow panelists Emer Lawn, Head of Digital at Mediaworks and Oskar Persson, Brand Manager at Danone, the panel was hosted by Michelle O’Keeffe and we discussed some of the really interesting stats that came out of the survey.

The Most Popular Types of Content

Mums say they regularly consume the following types of content

  • expert advice on parenting websites (24%)
  • fun/entertaining content on social (24%)
  • read blogs or visit forums (22%)
  • fun/entertaining content on parenting sites (18%)

Content Formats Preferred by Mums

  • 52% like text articles
  • 29% like listicles
  • 12% like videos

Their thoughts on Brand Sponsored Content

47% feel indifferent if piece of content is sponsored by a brand while 71% say high quality, useful or informative content improves their perception of the brand sponsor.

What They Share Most on Social

Mums are most likely to share content on Things to do (22%), Family Travel (17%), Advice & Expert led (16%) and Recipes (15%)

How They Discover New Products

  • 23% discover new products for their family through recommendations from friends
  • 20% from search engines
  • 18% from social media
  • 15% from parenting sites
  • 5% recommended by a blogger celebrity with 74% saying they don’t follow influencers

How They Buy Products

  • 46% have purchased a product based on a friend’s recommendation
  • 24% from a post directly from a brand on social media
  • 14% from an expert driven article or video
  • 13% if recommended by a blogger or celebrity

If you’d like to read more insights from Mums on the devices they use, the type of content they read, we also have a free report here you can download.

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