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Why Word of Mouth Marketing Amongst Mums Can Be Powerful Your Business

In general marketing terms, word of mouth marketing is one of the most effective ways of bringing you new business. In my experience, at Mykidstime with watching how mothers respond to digital campaigns for brands and businesses, and also being a mother myself, mums are one of the segments most likely to recommend products and services that they like. Here’s Why Word of Mouth Marketing Amongst Mums Can be Powerful For Your Business:

word of mouth marketing

#1. Mums meet other mums

When you have kids you start to get to know other mothers becuase you are in the same situation, the same places, same ante-natal class, same preschool, same school gate etc.

This peer network becomes an important support network for mothers and this also provides plenty of opportunities to tell each other about things and products and services they have experienced and liked.

#2. Mums like to help other mums

Generally speaking mums like to help other mums, particularly if they have a problem. Women tend to share problems and pain points with each other, from amusing kids on a rainy day to how to host a party at home to how to get rid of headlice.

This is partly to vent (because it is tough being a Mum!) and partly to see if the other mother has a possible solution. We rely on each other’s advice and help. This positions word of mouth as a key way of telling each other about services and products that we have found to be useful or helpful in our lives.

#3. Mums trust other mums

As an extension of helping other mums, we also trust each other. If another mother tells you they have had a good experience with something you believe them and it makes you want to try that out for yourself.

This trust is key to word of mouth recommendations. Like Amazon reviews, other mum reviews are key to establishing trust with the product or service.

#4. Word of Mouth has the biggest influence on buying

Word of Mouth from friends and family still has the most influence on their purchasing decisions according to our surveys.

  • 84% say word of mouth is still the most relevant factor for finding parenting brands.
  • 89% say reviews of a product by other users influences them when researching about a particular product before they decide whether to purchase
  • 83% say family or friends telling you about a product is an influence when considering purchase
  • 72% say that hearing good things about a brand from friends or family is an important factor in choosing that brand over another.

Read more in our Marketing to Mums and Brands and Mums survey reports which are free to download

So how can a business capitalise on the Word of Mouth effect?

Here are five simple ways you can capitalise on Word of Mouth amongst mums.

  • Ask your customers if they would refer you to a friend or family member. If you don’t ask you don’t get! Don’t feel that this is pushy, people will not give your business or brand referrals unless you deserve it.
  • Incentivise your customers to refer you if they have enjoyed your service or product. Offer a discount off future use in return for bringing you new customers.
  • Ask them to review your product or service on your website and/or Facebook page.
  • Ask them to social share with a hashtag if they have had a good experience and enter those shares into a monthly draw to win. Mums are super social nowadays and it’s a good way of getting them to spread the word.
  • Offer them a discount code they can give to other mums, and ask them to share in any Facebook or Whatsapp groups they are in with other Mums if they rate your product or service.

Over to you now. what’s your experience of Word of Mouth marketing with mums for your business? Share your experience in the comments below. 

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